Last Updated: Oct 13th, 2022

House Expectations

Residents of Praxis are expected to contribute to the management and maintenance of the house. All residents complete an assigned one hour cleaning chore per week and three to four hours of other duties, selected by residents on a quarterly basis, such as cooking dinner, tending to house plants and herbs, grocery shopping, and maintenance work.


As a shared living space, we want to ensure the safety of our tenants and future applicants. We have referred to institutional protocols created by the CDC, employers, and states in creating our own guidelines to cohabitate with COVID-19. Some house safety protocols are as follows:

  • Wearing an N95 or equivalent mask over mouth and nostrils upon leaving the house and being among crowds.
  • Social distancing for oneself and the house as much as possible and being transparent about social distancing practices.
  • Being transparent if experiencing symptoms or exposed to someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Willingness to Self-quarantine if experiencing symptoms or exposed to individuals diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Wearing a mask in the house after engaging in high risk activities.

All residents of Praxis must be vaccinated for COVID-19 in accordance with CDC guidelines. Accepted applicants will receive a copy of our official COVID-19 policy prior to moving in.

General Residency Expectations

  • Pay the residency fee on time each month without reminders or other forms of assistance from residents of Praxis.
  • Complete four to five hours of housework weekly.
  • Respect common spaces by cleaning up after yourself, washing dishes promptly and thoroughly, and not leaving personal items in common spaces.
  • Regularly check email for important house communication. Many aspects of house management are done via email.
  • Independently manage interpersonal interactions and conflicts with other residents. We do not offer mediation.

Prospective Members Expectations

  • All General Residency Expectations, especially timely residency fee payments.
  • Learn about and practice democratic self-management, attending Member Meetings twice a month.
  • Be open to learning new skills and sharing skills with others (bookkeeping, meeting facilitation, cooking, cleaning, etc.)

Becoming a member of Praxis takes a minimum of one year. For more information, email