Is Praxis Right for Me?

Last Updated: Oct 13th, 2022

I want to live at Praxis short term or without becoming a member. Is Praxis right for me?

Yes. We offer leases as short as 3 months. Individuals who do not wish to be members may live at Praxis long term as general residents.

People applying for short term housing must go through the same rigorous application process as other general residents. Whether short or long term, general residents enjoy many of the benefits of living at Praxis, but are less involved in the management of the house. General residents may later apply for membership if they wish.

I am introverted or have many social commitments. I need time alone and do not want to be part of a community with other residents of Praxis. Is Praxis right for me?

Yes. Praxis’ mission is to provide housing. While some residents may choose to develop friendships and a sense of community in the house, no one is required to participate in Praxis’ social events. Praxis offers the best of both worlds – we respect everyone’s privacy and there are so many common spaces that it is always possible to be alone without being in your room. At the same time, there is usually someone around to socialize with.

I want to live in shared housing because I want to be part of a community. Is Praxis right for me?

Maybe. This is the most common reason people give for wanting to live at Praxis, but the vision of community varies from person to person. At Praxis, we respect that community means different things to different people. Some residents choose to build friendships at Praxis and others are not interested in any kind of community at Praxis. Praxis exists to provide housing and does not have any mandatory community building or social activities. Most socializing at Praxis happens in small groups. In a house with 18 or more people, you will likely find someone that you enjoy spending time with.

I am looking for sex positive housing. Is Praxis right for me?

Maybe. Being sex positive is not a requirement of living at Praxis, although being respectful of others is. Residents of Praxis must be prepared to live with people who hold a variety of perspectives and values. It is important not to make assumptions about other residents’ comfort levels with sexual topics and behavior based on factors like national origin, age, or sexual orientation. The only way to know someone’s comfort with these topics is to ask.

Not everyone living at Praxis will be comfortable with discussions of sex, or with sexual behavior like flirting in common spaces. Additionally, there may be children living at Praxis, and we empower parents to set limits on what kinds of conversation and behavior are appropriate for their children to witness.

While name-calling and bigoted language is not accepted at Praxis, residents must be prepared for others with different values to express discomfort with topics like sex. Residents may express their discomfort with others and independently seek mutually-acceptable boundaries. The outcome may require moderation from both parties.

Praxis has a policy that you only invite over people you already know well.

I had conflicts with past roommates because they did not wash their dishes or clean up. Is Praxis right for me?

Probably. We have policies that seek to prevent conflict over dishes and chores by outlining clear expectations for everyone living at Praxis. We maintain average cleanliness. If you need a spotless environment or the space to be highly organized, Praxis may not be right for you.

I am looking for democratically managed, horizontally organized housing. Is Praxis right for me?

Probably not. Praxis has some hierarchical power structures, and there is no possibility of us moving toward a more horizontal model. While we accept individuals who believe in a variety of structures, aspects of our structure are controlled by our board and cannot be changed by house residents or members. As long as you understand and can live with this fact, you are welcome to apply to Praxis.

I am busy. I do not have time to attend meetings or social events at Praxis. Is Praxis right for me?

Yes. Praxis does not require any time or engagement outside of assigned chores and house jobs. We will even save you a plate if you cannot attend house dinners.

I have a mental health condition or am neurodivergent. I am looking for group housing where people will accommodate my unique needs. Is Praxis right for me?

Probably not. On a structural level, Praxis is not able to honor many mental health accommodation requests because we do not have paid staff. Praxis has many of the same policies as a traditional landlord – rent due dates, repair fees, and move-out notices, etc. We also have chore and dish policies that apply to all residents. Residents must abide by community cleanliness standards to remain at Praxis. We are unable to make exceptions to our policies on the basis of a mental health condition or neurodivergence.

Praxis offers housing for families. In order to ensure that the space is an appropriate, secure environment for young children, we require that all residents have a degree of emotional and psychological stability. We ask that everyone reflect on whether they meet this criteria. If you think Praxis would be a good fit, we encourage you to speak to a psychiatrist, therapist, or other licensed health professional about whether you are ready for the stressors of group living.

I am seeking to heal from trauma or a mental health condition and believe that living in community will be healing for me. Is Praxis right for me?

No. In general, we have found that living at Praxis is not healing for people. Living with a large number of people can be stressful. Collective living requires giving up some autonomy – there are a number of things in the house that will be outside of your control. Additionally, the people that live at Praxis are often busy with the social justice work they are doing outside of the house. They may not have time or energy to devote to your healing or needs. Praxis is not designed to be a service provider nor an alternative to conventional treatment. We recommend that you seek appropriate treatment for your condition.