What do we mean by social justice?

Praxis Collaborative recognizes that the global sociopolitical system is radically unjust – empowering and privileging the few, while excluding, criminalizing, and generally disempowering others. Praxis is critical of the systems of oppression (e.g., racism, white supremacy, ableism, capitalism, cissexism, patriarchy, heterosexism, etc.) that support and sustain this inequitable status quo. Praxis views social justice as the work of disrupting and discontinuing these systems of oppression to create a freer, fairer world.

How much does it cost to live at Praxis?

Praxis residents pay a one-time deposit followed by two monthly fees: a Monthly Rent and a Monthly Resident Fee. Our Rent payments cover Praxis’ fixed costs (primarily our lease to the ICA) while our Resident Fees cover groceries (shared among household), internet, maintenance costs, and utilities.

As of April 26th, 2021, Monthly Rent is $490/room and Monthly Resident Fee is $160/resident. For most residents, living in a single room, this is $650/month in total.

What is expected of residents of Praxis?

Residents of Praxis are expected to contribute to the management and maintenance of the house. Residents contribute 4-5 hours weekly to chores, such as dishes, laundry, cooking dinner, tending to our rooftop garden, organizing house events related to social justice. Residents are expected to attend meetings every two weeks, where decisions for the collaborative are made on a consensus basis.

Do you all do activism together?

We have communal dinners and do some other activities as a house, such as reading groups and movie nights. Other socializing and political organizing may happen organically in small groups. However, the purpose of Praxis is not to do political work as a house. Think of Praxis as a space that makes all of our individual social justice work possible, rather than a political organization that expects everyone to agree on a single vision and tactics.

Can I live at Praxis short term or without becoming a member?

We ask that applicants for membership commit to staying for at least one year. Occasionally, rooms are available to non-members for shorter stays. Non-member applicants must go through the same rigorous application process as prospective members. Non-member residents have many of the same rights and responsibilities as members, with the exception of voting rights in long-term house management decisions such as annual budgeting.

The maximum stay for a non-member resident is six months, after which you are free to apply for membership.

Do you accept couples and/or families?

Praxis welcomes applications from individuals wishing to live together in Praxis as well, such as couples, people with children, long-term roommates, etc.

Individuals seeking a joint contract will have their applications evaluated independently of one other.

Residents sharing one room are responsible for their combined Resident Fees (to cover their combined food costs, utility costs, etc.) but only one Monthly Rent.

For example (as of April 26th, 2021) two residents sharing one room must together meet a total monthly cost of $810, from one Monthly Rent of $490 per room and two Monthly Resident Fees of $160 per resident.

($490/room * 1 room) + ($160/resident * 2 residents) ==> $810

The same calculation applies for families renting and sharing multiple rooms.

Are pets allowed?

We only accept pets that can be safely confined to your room, such as reptiles in terrariums or fish.

What is the drug/alcohol policy?

There are no illegal drugs allowed in Praxis. Alcohol is allowed, but it is not to be left unattended in public spaces.

Is Praxis a religious organization?


Is Praxis a cooperative?

Yes, Praxis is a group equity cooperative, also called a zero equity cooperative, meaning that members do not own or build equity in the property (or in particular units in the property). We all live together in a single suite in the ICA building. We have separate bedrooms but share hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and other common areas.

Praxis is managed by its members through majority-present[1] consensus, also called “enthusiastic majority consensus.” Praxis also has a board of directors which may include a combination of Praxis residents and non-residents from the community who are dedicated to our mission. The board manages decisions involving potential legal liability.
1: Provided quorum is met.

Is Praxis a nonprofit?

We are a nonprofit housing organization, which means that we exist to serve our mission and not to make a profit for anyone.