Last Updated: Oct 13th, 2022

Application process

All residents of Praxis must be vaccinated for Covid-19 in accordance with CDC guidelines. Please see our requirements page for more information about how Praxis is living with Covid-19.

Individuals wishing to live at Praxis go through a rigorous application process, which typically takes two weeks or more. People wishing to share a room must each submit a separate application. Children of individuals/families applying to Praxis do not need to fill out an application.

  1. Fill out and submit an application.
  2. Based on your application, we may invite you for an interview, where we will ask you more about your background and give you a chance to learn more about us.
  3. You may be invited to attend a house dinner. While optional, attendance is encouraged.
  4. Members will vote on your application. Votes are typically held once every two weeks. Please plan for your application process to take at least two weeks.
  5. If you are accepted, we will finalize a move-in date and begin your orientation process.

To begin the application process, please download and fill out an application:

After filling out the application, send it by email attachment to with a subject line of “Application – First name Last name.” Please note that we can only consider fully completed applications.