Last Updated: Aug 1st, 2022

House expectations

Thank you for your interest in living at Praxis! We welcome applications from individuals and families who understand and agree to our mission and house expectations.

Residents of Praxis are expected to contribute to the management and maintenance of the house. All Residents complete one assigned hourly cleaning chore per week and various house-laundry chores (washing the hand towels, changing shower curtains, etc.). Other duties, selected on a quarterly basis, include other cleaning chores, cooking dinner, tending to house plants and herbs, and some administrative work.

General Residency Expectations

  • Share housework responsibilities in order to free up time for the social justice work we are all passionate about.
  • Pay residency fee on time each month.
  • Attend All-House Meetings every other month to make collective decisions and give house members important feedback.

Prospective Members Expectations

  • Learn about and practice democratic self-management, attending Member Meetings twice a month.
  • Pay residency fee on time each month.
  • Be open to learning new skills and sharing skills with others (bookkeeping, meeting facilitation, cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc.).
  • Share housework responsibilities in order to free up time for the social justice work we are all passionate about.

Becoming a member of Praxis takes a minimum of one year. For more information, email

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please follow our application process below.

Can I live at Praxis short term or without becoming a member?

Absolutely! People applying for general residency must go through the same rigorous application process as prospective members. General residents enjoy many of the benefits of living at Praxis, but are less involved in administrative management of the house. General residency is an option for people interested in living at Praxis short term (a minimum of three months) or long term. General residents may later apply for membership if they wish.

If you have questions, please contact us at


As a community living space, we want to ensure the safety of our tenants and future applicants during the pandemic. We have referred to institutional protocols created by the CDC, employers, and states in creating our own guidelines to cohabitate during COVID-19. Some house safety protocols are as follows:

  • Wearing a mask, bandanna, or scarf over mouth and nostrils upon leaving the house and being among crowds.
  • Social distancing for oneself and the house as much as possible and being transparent about social distancing practices.
  • Being transparent if experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone who was diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • Willingness to Self-quarantine for 7-14 days if experiencing symptoms or exposed to individuals diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • Wearing a mask in the house after engaging in high risk activities.

All residents of Praxis must be vaccinated for Covid-19 in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Application process

To begin the application process, please download and fill out an application:

After filling out the application, send it by email attachment to with a subject line of “Application – First name Last name.” Please note that we can only consider fully completed applications.

  1. Fill out and submit an application.
  2. Based on your application, we may invite you for an interview, where we will ask you more about your background and give you a chance to learn more about us.
  3. The house will vote on your application.
  4. If you are accepted, we will finalize a move-in date and begin your orientation process to welcome you to the community.